What Is NuVent®?

The only image-guided balloon sinus surgery option

GPS-like navigation system helps your doctor target blocked sinuses

NuVent® has been designed, tested, and integrated to work with image guidance (IGS) technology called the Fusion® ENT Navigation System. This displays a visual map of your sinus anatomy for your doctor. It works like GPS in a car or phone—to help guide and place the balloon device.

During the minimally invasive surgery performed in the office, this navigation technology helps your doctor precisely steer the balloon to the place where your sinuses are blocked. Then your doctor inflates the balloon at the precise location to reshape the tissue and bone to clear the sinus pathway.

The goal of this procedure is to unblock sinus pathways and1,2:

  • Improve symptoms
  • Reduce infections
  • Minimize sinus headaches
  • Help you get back to life's routine

Benefits of NuVent® technology

  • The image-guidance Fusion® ENT Navigation System helps your doctor find blocked sinus pathways
  • When performed in the doctor's office, this procedure3,4:
    • Is minimally invasive
    • Offers faster recovery time
    • Allows eligible patients to have a lower out-of-pocket cost.*

*Out-of-pocket expenses are typically lower for in-office procedures. Office-based and operating room procedures are reimbursed by many insurance companies. Check with your insurance provider to confirm coverage.

Safety Information

Balloon sinus surgery has associated risks, including tissue trauma, bleeding, infection, and possible ophthalmic injury. Patients should always discuss their individual needs and the potential risks and benefits of any treatment or procedure with their doctor.

This therapy is not for everyone. Please consult your doctor. A prescription is required. For additional information, please contact Medtronic at 800-874-5797 or visit Medtronic's website at www.medtronic.com


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